Friday, May 27, 2011

Roleplay Excerpts

 Excerpt from some event on a past wipe on Sundered Earth.

The strange crystal's surface pulses a moment. Extending its already oceanic hues outward a bit. Your mind's eye is blinded by a white light, almost knocking you over. Slowly the curtain fades to darkness and the crystal's hues once more make their appearance. This time though, they swirl and twirl into the form of a question, "I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?". As the words fade into the embracing darkness thereafter, you can't help but continue to replay the scene and inquiry in your mind.

Its surface pulses once more, the cheerful hues now turning a shade darker. Instead of your mind shining with the crystal's blinding white aura, your faculties are thrown into a massive vortex of black, angered images. For a moment your eyes roll back into your head and you sway forward. But as your pupils vanish underneath your eyelids your head lolls backward, sending your unbalanced frame into the dirt. A third pulse this time awaits you, a bubble of color blobs forth, peeling off the rough surface of the crystal and slithers forth. Its bubbling mass slowly making its way across your body. As it finally encompasses your head, the bubble vanishes in an instant.

The crystal's surface pulses faintly. Then, as if it were its last signal, the crystal beams for a moment, sending its teal glamour into its surrounding areas. The aura surges back into its frame and raises itself from its resting place. Slowly the colors comprising the crystal seem to peel off, bubbling and churning as they went. The writhing mass seems to freeze for a moment before surging forward at a quickened pace, enveloping you within its chaotic depths. The crystal pulses one last time, the color extinguished from its surface. As the churning waves of teal recede, your body feels lighter, stronger, in fact.

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