Sunday, June 5, 2011

Story, Continued

I sat there a moment. Mulling what had happened over and over again in my head. Nothing made sense, it was like someone plastered one of those seedy comicbook plots over reality's dull and monochrome frame. Stretching and pulling everything into a distorted mess.

What did make sense, was that something very wrong, very dangerous; to the point of being ridiculous, was happening.

And holy hell did I have to figure out how to get out of it.

Glass cracked. Something skirted across the opening the monster had blasted through the house. Lights flickering, I squinted, trying to catch a glimpse of what had moved. Whatever it was, it shot across the gap again and into the house this time. It stopped in front of me, and placed tiny dark hands on my knee. Giant, emerald eyes peered up into mine. It looked innocent, like a weird, alien puppy or something. Its wide gaze drew me in, peering all about my sitting form, infinitely curious it seemed.

Then it opened its mouth.

Opened its mouth wide. Wider than its tiny physiology seemed to allow.  Its jaw seemed to snap backward, revealing a toothless void, accented only by a limp tongue. Tinged green by whatever life-juice this thing's body pumped through it, if anything. Once its opened jaw had flattened out, it did something horrible.

It screamed.

The sound sheered through the air like... Like... Something really sharp. It was impossible to think at that point. My vision blurred, my head swam, I tried to brace myself on the couch, but it was as though everything were made of jelly. My hand missed the couch and I pitched forward, and fell flat on my face. Fortunately I had lost feeling in my head shortly before. I closed my eyes, didn't help. Even the darkness was vibrating. I vomited so many times I care not to remember, another bastard killed more pizza. Such a waste.

As the screaming stopped, so did the world's incessant jiggling. I wiped my mouth with a charred bit of clothing, and looked around for that little pest. I wanted to strangle the tiny shithead. But as I picked myself up off the floor and sat up, the ringing in my head ceased. I felt only slightly better. My eyes focused and I looked around the broken living room, no sign of the screamer. I cursed it under my breath. Though as soon as I finished my sentence full of obscenities, I noticed something odd once again...

The rumbling had resumed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Slight Delay

Apologies for not giving my adoring fans another piece of my story. Rest assured, it will be here tomorrow. Had to argue with a loan office today.

Once more, I apologize. Story will be updated tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More of the Story


Nothing but the sound of blood rushing through my skull. It was if some jackass pushed the mute button on reality's TV clicker. Something odd caught my eye, my neck creaked to the left and a high-pitched whirring sound turns reality back on. The wall seemed to distort itself, pulling inward like there was an invisible toilet flushing a portion of the wall away.

Every instinct told me to move. To run, to get the hell out of that toilet's way, and to do it NOW. Just as my body cleared a cluttered table and was about to land again, the toilet exploded. It burst into a massive beam of white light that vaporized the chair I was sitting in, annihilating my last bit of pizza to boot. Fucker killed my pizza, whatever it was, it had to pay. As the light dissipated, and I landed with a thud on the floor, I noticed another odd thing. Where the light had struck, now lay scorched bits of carpeting, dry-wall and wood. Eyes widened, I was awestruck at how a weird toilet thing could blow a hole that large through a house.

It wasn't until I turned around that I realized what I was up against...

This massive figure looked like the thing was sculpted out of black marble, chiseled in muscularity as if it were an Olympian god. With a pull of its hands, it brought itself into the house, its feet thumping onto the floor. At first, it didn't look THAT horribly destructive, aside from the toilet-beam, that is. But then it drew its full height, stretching its back and standing at attention, intent on investigating whether or not I was included in the vaporized items checklist. This thing was horrendously tall, having to stoop a bit once its head had struck the ceiling. It peered about, surveying the damage it did. The monster had no facial features to speak of, aside from glowing, emerald eyes. No nose, no mouth, no ears. Where those features should have been, it looked as though the material it was constructed of was stretched over them, and thus, ignored.

Shit. I thought, I was sitting right under the thing. If I moved, I would be toilet-beamed. If I stayed, I'd probably be crushed under this asshole's giant feet. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I'd thought to myself that maybe if I tried to punch it in the crotch, that it might give me a few seconds of leeway and run like a pussy. But, being this close to the monster's crotch had revealed no weak point plainly visible. Being as fucked as I was, I still managed to inch my way out from under the monster's massive bulk. And just as I pulled myself behind an overturned couch...

Its gaze zeroed in on me. The monster's eyes narrowed, and I could see whatever flesh covering what used to be a mouth stretch even further. As if some sick, sadistic grin had peeled itself across this thing's face. But just as quickly as it found me, its eyes snapped upward, shifting quickly to the left and right. Did it hear something I couldn't? The air around the monster's would-be-mouth twisted and swirled again, forming that bastard toilet-beam once more. With a whir and a crash, the monster blew another hole in the house, and promptly exited via.

I pulled myself on top of the couch's overturned bottom. So much shit ran through my head. What exactly was happening, and how the hell was I going to get out of it... ?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Story Introduction

Ch... Stupid night. Hate those bastard yellow lights that shower everything in that pale, piss colored hue. It's what gives them their ability to survive here. That damn light.

    Just sitting at my house, eating some friggin' takeout and I hear this horrible groaning sound, like someone pushing over a tree. You know, that achy, moany sound that you hear right before it falls. That's when it started. Those damn coffins started popping up all over town, slithering out of the ground like some cement serpent looking for food.

   At first I just thought it was one of those bomb tests at the nearby airbase, the rumbling I mean. I really didn't think of the groaning, I was daydreaming, nibbling a bit at my pizza, watching a bit o' TV. But I digress. Soon after the rumbling stopped, is when all hell broke loose. People shouting, screaming, a few gunshots, and then silence...

  I sat there a moment, trying to strain myself to hear another sound, even the TV seemed to go quiet. A few minutes went by and again, nothing. What had I heard? Some idiot pilot huck a bomb at the wrong area? What about the gunshots? This neighborhood wasn't known for violence of any kind... What the hell was going on?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Roleplay Excerpts

 Excerpt from some event on a past wipe on Sundered Earth.

The strange crystal's surface pulses a moment. Extending its already oceanic hues outward a bit. Your mind's eye is blinded by a white light, almost knocking you over. Slowly the curtain fades to darkness and the crystal's hues once more make their appearance. This time though, they swirl and twirl into the form of a question, "I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?". As the words fade into the embracing darkness thereafter, you can't help but continue to replay the scene and inquiry in your mind.

Its surface pulses once more, the cheerful hues now turning a shade darker. Instead of your mind shining with the crystal's blinding white aura, your faculties are thrown into a massive vortex of black, angered images. For a moment your eyes roll back into your head and you sway forward. But as your pupils vanish underneath your eyelids your head lolls backward, sending your unbalanced frame into the dirt. A third pulse this time awaits you, a bubble of color blobs forth, peeling off the rough surface of the crystal and slithers forth. Its bubbling mass slowly making its way across your body. As it finally encompasses your head, the bubble vanishes in an instant.

The crystal's surface pulses faintly. Then, as if it were its last signal, the crystal beams for a moment, sending its teal glamour into its surrounding areas. The aura surges back into its frame and raises itself from its resting place. Slowly the colors comprising the crystal seem to peel off, bubbling and churning as they went. The writhing mass seems to freeze for a moment before surging forward at a quickened pace, enveloping you within its chaotic depths. The crystal pulses one last time, the color extinguished from its surface. As the churning waves of teal recede, your body feels lighter, stronger, in fact.