Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More of the Story


Nothing but the sound of blood rushing through my skull. It was if some jackass pushed the mute button on reality's TV clicker. Something odd caught my eye, my neck creaked to the left and a high-pitched whirring sound turns reality back on. The wall seemed to distort itself, pulling inward like there was an invisible toilet flushing a portion of the wall away.

Every instinct told me to move. To run, to get the hell out of that toilet's way, and to do it NOW. Just as my body cleared a cluttered table and was about to land again, the toilet exploded. It burst into a massive beam of white light that vaporized the chair I was sitting in, annihilating my last bit of pizza to boot. Fucker killed my pizza, whatever it was, it had to pay. As the light dissipated, and I landed with a thud on the floor, I noticed another odd thing. Where the light had struck, now lay scorched bits of carpeting, dry-wall and wood. Eyes widened, I was awestruck at how a weird toilet thing could blow a hole that large through a house.

It wasn't until I turned around that I realized what I was up against...

This massive figure looked like the thing was sculpted out of black marble, chiseled in muscularity as if it were an Olympian god. With a pull of its hands, it brought itself into the house, its feet thumping onto the floor. At first, it didn't look THAT horribly destructive, aside from the toilet-beam, that is. But then it drew its full height, stretching its back and standing at attention, intent on investigating whether or not I was included in the vaporized items checklist. This thing was horrendously tall, having to stoop a bit once its head had struck the ceiling. It peered about, surveying the damage it did. The monster had no facial features to speak of, aside from glowing, emerald eyes. No nose, no mouth, no ears. Where those features should have been, it looked as though the material it was constructed of was stretched over them, and thus, ignored.

Shit. I thought, I was sitting right under the thing. If I moved, I would be toilet-beamed. If I stayed, I'd probably be crushed under this asshole's giant feet. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I'd thought to myself that maybe if I tried to punch it in the crotch, that it might give me a few seconds of leeway and run like a pussy. But, being this close to the monster's crotch had revealed no weak point plainly visible. Being as fucked as I was, I still managed to inch my way out from under the monster's massive bulk. And just as I pulled myself behind an overturned couch...

Its gaze zeroed in on me. The monster's eyes narrowed, and I could see whatever flesh covering what used to be a mouth stretch even further. As if some sick, sadistic grin had peeled itself across this thing's face. But just as quickly as it found me, its eyes snapped upward, shifting quickly to the left and right. Did it hear something I couldn't? The air around the monster's would-be-mouth twisted and swirled again, forming that bastard toilet-beam once more. With a whir and a crash, the monster blew another hole in the house, and promptly exited via.

I pulled myself on top of the couch's overturned bottom. So much shit ran through my head. What exactly was happening, and how the hell was I going to get out of it... ?


  1. kinda long but interesting

  2. Interesting story so far. I'm guessing that you're turning it into a series? Giving us a little piece every now and then huh? :)

  3. Series and compiling it at the end to turn into a book. :D

  4. ._. What the hell. Why don't you RP more?