Sunday, May 29, 2011

Story Introduction

Ch... Stupid night. Hate those bastard yellow lights that shower everything in that pale, piss colored hue. It's what gives them their ability to survive here. That damn light.

    Just sitting at my house, eating some friggin' takeout and I hear this horrible groaning sound, like someone pushing over a tree. You know, that achy, moany sound that you hear right before it falls. That's when it started. Those damn coffins started popping up all over town, slithering out of the ground like some cement serpent looking for food.

   At first I just thought it was one of those bomb tests at the nearby airbase, the rumbling I mean. I really didn't think of the groaning, I was daydreaming, nibbling a bit at my pizza, watching a bit o' TV. But I digress. Soon after the rumbling stopped, is when all hell broke loose. People shouting, screaming, a few gunshots, and then silence...

  I sat there a moment, trying to strain myself to hear another sound, even the TV seemed to go quiet. A few minutes went by and again, nothing. What had I heard? Some idiot pilot huck a bomb at the wrong area? What about the gunshots? This neighborhood wasn't known for violence of any kind... What the hell was going on?

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